the journey has been long but I'll keep it shawt

Tell me about yourself has always been a loaded question to me and I don't feel as though I've ever answered it properly. My life breathes through art, music, and fashion. I’ve always used those three to express my deepest emotions.

In 2015 I opened my first online boutique called The Luv Tribe. I gained a lot of success very quickly and it made me thirst for more. With everything that I do, I strive to get better with each effort. I took time off to improve the quality of my work. I can honestly say that patience is important to the process. 

Today, I am bringing visions to life that I spoke on years ago. Dreams do not expire. My garments reflect androgyny, pride, heritage, and the radicalism that makes me who I am. When you own a piece by Cassie Chantel, you are buying into a lifestyle, a feeling, a mood; something otherwise priceless. 

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